Byzantine Reality

Searching for Byzantine failures in the world around us

About Me

I’m a senior software engineer at Google in Mountain View, California. I currently work on the Google Play Music team, and used to intern on the Google App Engine team and at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I love programming as well as learning new programming languages.

Some open source projects I’ve created or contributed heavily to in the past include:

AppScale – an open source implementation of the Google App Engine APIs. Runs App Engine apps written in Python, Java, Go, or PHP over clouds (like Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine, or Eucalyptus) or virtualized clusters (like VirtualBox, Xen, or KVM).

Active Cloud DB – a software-as-a-service that exposes a REST API to the App Engine Datastore API, so you can interface with the App Engine Datastore or Cassandra (when running on AppScale) from your own apps.

Neptune – a domain specific language that automatically configures and deploys high performance computing apps over AppScale. Run your MPI, MapReduce, X10, and other programs automatically without needing to know how to start them and configure them!

I also love comics and playing chess online, so stay tuned for many programming, comics, and chess posts. Enjoy!