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Interesting Ruby Tidbits

While doing a bit of research on the web, I came across a few interesting sites that each offer something new to Ruby. They may be useful for me down the line as well, so I’m making a note of them here for me to come back to when I get some more free time:

Superators – Add new operators to your classes or even the standard library classes. Highly dangerous but highly amusing! They’ve also been awarded the “Most Horrendous Hack of 2008” award, which certainly adds to both the dangerous and amusing qualities!

Fun with Procs in Ruby 1.9 – Dave Thomas is usually on top of his game on the new features in Ruby 1.9. Here’s a particularly good read involving currying and Proc objects in a very Ruby-esque fashion.

Seeing Metaclasses Clearly – A great intro to the power of metaclasses (and metametaclasses as well as metametametaclassess….) by our old friend why the lucky stiff. The most interesting part for me is what he ends up using this for…

Dwemthy’s Array – An RPG written in 60 lines of code using Ruby metaprogramming! Fire up irb and follow along as why shows you how it works in traditional why style (read: insanity). The amazingness of this warrants reading both this and the previous article thoroughly.

So that should give you some fun reading material to keep you up to snuff on the craziness of the Ruby world. Until next time!