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Black Friday Sale = More Books!

So as you’ve noticed I’ve fallen off the blog posting bandwagon. Much apologies! But with Black Friday behind us I’ve picked up two new books at awesome prices:

  • Programming Ruby 1.9: I already have the older version covering 1.8 and although a decent chunk of this is a re-hash, it’s nice to look over it again and see a much more comprehensive treatment of old material. It adds in a much greater reference on the Ruby standard library and a light discussion on Ruby metaprogramming and security features, which I’m looking forward to reading and writing about later.
  • Stripes: I’ve had my eye on this book since it came out but never really got around to getting it. The subtitle of the book is really what sold me on it: “and Java web development is fun again”. Wow. That’s pretty much all I needed after a year with Spring and Spring Web Flow. Don’t get me wrong, they were great at what they did, but they were a bit of a drag. I’ve already gone through the first chapter and done the “Hello World” example and am very pleased with what I’m seeing. Stay tuned for a review of this as well.

Finals are out next week, so it may be a little light on the posting until then. I’ll try to keep up though, but we shall see. Until then!