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Thoughts on Google (Meta)

Now that our coverage on the Big 5 Google papers has concluded, I thought it may be handy to aggregate the links to them all in one handy spot. That being said, here’s the links to our series of reviews (sorted by post date / chronological publishing of paper):

  1. Thoughts on the Google File System: How one constructs a fault-tolerant file system with which to build everything else on that performs optimally on huge data sets.
  2. Thoughts on MapReduce: How to write programs to process huge amounts of data as quickly as possible given the huge amount of resources available.
  3. Thoughts on BigTable: How to store data in a more structured format yet keep replication and high speed processing.
  4. Thoughts on Chubby: How to locate specific nodes serving a specific purpose though the use of a highly available naming service.
  5. Thoughts on Paxos: How to implement a consensus algorithm to ensure agreement amongst nodes in the presence of failures and keep high performance in the meanwhile.

So check them out if you haven’t, and be sure to come back next time for our review of Amazon’s Dynamo!