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Pconsole Is Awesome and You Should Use It...

…if you’re a sysadmin, of course. pconsole is a pretty cool utility that lets you enter in your *nix commands from one machine and have it run wherever you need to. It connects to terminal windows that are already open and connected to the machines you want to run it on, so the output is broken up every nicely. So if there’s a problem running a command on one machine, it’s really easy to know which machine it is. And it works on Mac OS X out of the box (almost)! All you have to do is run “chmod +x /usr/local/bin/pconsole” once you’ve installed it. I think the obligatory picture from the pconsole site pretty much sums up how cool it is (although it’s hard to really know it until you’ve racked your brains copying and pasting to many many machines)


Thanks pconsole and thanks to Server Fault! It’s the new sister site to programming-QA site StackOverflow and looks pretty nice so far. Since I’m more in programmer-land than sysadmin-land I don’t get quite as much use of Server Fault as StackOverflow, but it did lead me to this gem called pconsole!