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AppScale 1.2 Released!

Just a quick blurb for now: the software my group works on, AppScale, has a new version out! It adds support for the Cassandra and Voldemort databases as well as the ability to deploy your Google App Engine apps to Amazon EC2, so check it out if that’s what you’re into! Here’s the changelog for the sake of completeness:

  • Now compatible with Python Google App Engine 1.2.3
  • Addition of support for Voldemort and Cassandra
  • MySQL bug fix allowing for parallel API nodes
  • Eucalyptus 1.5.2 support
  • Amazon AWS EC2 public image available (ami-7136d618)
  • Support for running Ubuntu Jaunty systems
  • Single node deployments (Cassandra or Voldemort only)
  • Ability to delete applications from a running deployment
  • Python2.6 for everything except Google App Engine (Python2.5)
  • Replication is configurable
  • Additional robustness and bug fixes