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AppScale - Now in HD!

A while ago I did a screencast on the basic features of AppScale, but the quality was just not what I was looking for. So when the opportunity to do a new screencast came up, I bought ScreenFlow (which I should have done from the start) and with it, slapped together a way better screencast! Enjoy!

This screencast covers features that are mostly in AppScale 1.3 and some that are planned for the 1.4 release:

  • Running an AppScale deployment: Largely the same as before, using appscale-run-instances.
  • Uploading additional AppEngine applications to an AppScale deployment: This is the same as usual, but as it shows here, the 1.4 release will allow you to upload folders in addition to .tar.gz files, using appscale-upload-app. The load balancer will also allow logged-in users to upload applications as well in AppScale 1.4.
  • Querying your AppScale deployment: Now shows information on the roles associated with each box (e.g., now you can see which box is running the load balancer, which is hosting your app, and so on), using appscale-describe-instances. The status page on the load balancer is also shown, which shows a lot of the same information but looks a little nicer in HTML.
  • Terminating your deployment: Same as before, using appscale-terminate-instances.

We also test out the Guestbook sample application and a new one, images-api-in-action, which is a simple demonstration of the Python Images API. Next time we’ll do a sneak peak of some other features that will appear in AppScale 1.4, so stay tuned!