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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

I’ve been a long-time lover of the movie _Blade Runner_ and while I’ve owned _Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?_ (the book from which the movie is based), I had never got around to actually reading it until today. It’s a great read and I definitely should have read it a long time ago.

The book is just the right length – not too short but certainly does not overstay its welcome. I started reading it this morning and (with several breaks) just finished it. It’s incredibly immersive and doesn’t suffer from a lot of the pitfalls that I’ve complained about in other books. The few sex scenes that it has aren’t awkward (like the A Song of Fire and Ice series) and the action scenes are lean and to the point, just like the rest of the book. The movie definitely picks up a lot of inspiration from the book, but that’s about it. The details vary greatly between the book and movie, and all that really remains the same are the generalities. Both are amazing and have moments that really make them shine, and the book is a little bit deeper than the movie (although this really comes in via the whole Mercer thing).

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? is exactly what a book should be. It has a lot of memorable scenes, despite being relatively short, brings a good amount of depth to its main characters, and there’s a bit right before the end that genuinely shocked me in a good way, which I won’t ruin too much for you if you haven’t read it but involves Rachael’s revenge on Deckard. So the book is the epitome of ‘short but sweet’, and I got a bit of an extra kick out of it having been in San Francisco this summer (the location where the book takes place) and being able to recognize most of the places it talked about. I definitely recommend the book, even more so to those who love the movie Blade Runner!