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The Beer Report: Lagunitas IPA

This post kicks off our “99 Bottles of Beer” blog series, in which we talk about beer while also programming. Let’s start off with a pretty solid beer – a Lagunitas IPA.


It’s a dark yellow / orangeish color, and a bit cloudy. Mildly carbonated and looks delicious.


A strong hoppy smell is definitely here. Not exceedingly hoppy, but distinctly so.


Definitely an IPA. A great hoppy taste, but surprisingly does not have a strong hoppy aftertaste like other IPAs do.


Heavy but not too heavy. Chewy but not too chewy. Leaning more towards flat than overcarbonated.


I like it. It’s very drinkable, and hits the spot after a long day at work. It doesn’t have the bitter hoppy aftertaste that turns people off that I talk to (although I love that taste), so you may like it as well!