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The Beer Report: Sam Adams' White Christmas

Continuing our “99 Bottles of Beer” blog series, let’s try out a White Christmas from the Sam Adams Christmas pack:


It’s a blend between orange and yellow. In a Sam Adams drinking glass, the yellow is sitting towards the bottom of the glass, and the top of the glass has a more orangish color. A mild amount of carbonation is present, with a minor amount of head when poured into a glass.


A mild clove smell is present, but it’s not overpowering in any way.


A little heavier than previous lagers I’ve tasted, and a little chewy. No real aftertaste.


Chewier than previous lagers I’ve tasted, but about the same amount of carbonation.


Quite agreeable. I had it with a fettuccine alfredo, and they paired off nicely. It’s got a refreshing taste but is slightly heavier than other Sam Adams beers (although not too much). Give it a try!