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AppScale 1.13.0 Sneak Peek

After every release, we immediately conclude with two meetings:

  • A Sprint Retrospective, in which we determine (1) what went well during the sprint, and should be repeated in the future, and (2) what did not go well in the sprint, to avoid it next time.
  • A Sprint Planning Meeting, to plan what features should be worked on to produce the next release.

With that, we’ve created a new Trello board listing the features slated for AppScale 1.13.0. In response to user feedback, we’ve put in extra effort to make these cards as readable as possible. Before, a Trello card would say something like:

Memcache keys > 250 fix for java

That’s readable enough for me (since I intrinsically already know what that means), but is indecipherable to someone else (often this includes other AppScale developers). Now, a Trello card says:

Users should be able to specify an elastic IP address in their AppScalefile for their head node in Amazon EC2.

Much more readable, for our users as well as for us here at AppScale. With that, check out our Trello or this YouTube video summarizing some of the big features coming up in AppScale 1.13.0:

Here’s a quick YouTube video that also summarizes this up: