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The Beer Report: Winter Lager

Continuing our “99 Bottles of Beer” blog series, let’s try out a Sam Adams Winter Lager:


It’s a deep brown color. A minimal amount of head is present, with a very small amount of head sitting at the top of my Sam Adams drinking glass.


A very minimal smell is present, but as I have allergies at the moment, I’m unable to pin down what the smell is.


Definitely a heavier taste for a Sam Adams, but no aftertaste is present.


Very chewy for a lager, with a minimal amount of carbonation.


I actually like it. I haven’t been as much of a fan of previous years of Winter Lagers, but this one is quite refreshing (although that could have something do to with being extremely tired from moving boxes all day). I paired this off with a fish and chips, and enjoyed it a lot. Give it a try!